The Rug Bear – Emma Rattray – Children’s Book Review #Gifted

The rug bear children's book review

‘The Rug Bear’ A new engaging Children’s Book – Written by Emma Rattray

Disclaimer – The Rug Bear by author Emma Rattray Is a gifted item from Cameron Publicity & Marketing for the purpose of this review . Even though I have been gifted this children’s book, this does not impact my views or my honest opinion. This post also contains affiliate links. As a member of the Amazon affiliates program, any sale generated from the affiliated link I receive a small commission. This comes at no extra cost to you.

So excited recently, the Yorkie not just for Dads Blog is opening up lots of review opportunities recently. One area I am recieiving Items for a review is Children’s Books. Recently gifted the Rug Bear for the purpose of a Review here on the Yorkie not just for Dads – Dad Blog.

A sweet new children’s book – The Rug Bear – written by author Emma Rattray

One thing we love as a family and for me with the kids is reading. Bedtime stories or snug on the sofa reading a book is something I enjoy with the younger girls.

Pig and Beast have both been enjoying ‘The Rug Bear’ which is author Emma Rattray’s First Book.

The Rug Bear – By Emma Rattray.

The Rug Bear is a new engaging children’s book for parents to share with their young children, aimed at children aged 0-5 years of age. Pig (4) and Beast (almost 2) have being enjoying this story, especially as part of their Bedtime Routine for a bedtime story.

My daughter pig is in this photo reading the new book from author Emma Rattray, The Rug Bear.
Pig enjoying The Rug Bear children’s book.

The book is full of various characters for your children to look out for on every page which is depicted by beautiful, bright illustrations by the illustrator of The Rug Bear – Michael Terry.
Michael Terry was also the illustrator of the much-loved ‘The Selfish Crocodile’.

The gentle message from this lovely children’s book ‘The Rug Bear’.

The Rug Bear is a lovely children’s story with a gentle message for young children. A gentle message about including everyone in your games.

A fun story following best friends Bear, Fox and Lion who are enjoying a good old game of Hide and Seek. But, Bear gets tired and decides to take a nap under the shadows of a tall tree.

My daughter pig reading the rug bear. A great new children's story from writer Emma Rattray.
The Rug Bear – a great story to share with young children.

Mouse, Hare, Squirrel and lady bird mistake Bear for a comfy cosy rug. With his soft fur all snuggly. They find it so tempting to settle down for a rest. They get quite a surprise when bear wakes up.

A photo of the illustrations by Michael Terry in the new children's book The Rug Bear by Emma Rattray.
Cute Illustrations in The Rug Bear by Emma Rattray.

Follow the story in the book to find out what happens and to share the gentle message from ‘The Rug Bear’ of making sure to include everyone in games and activities.

About Emma Rattray – Author of ‘The Rug Bear’

Emma Rattray was born and raised in rural Scotland (such a beautiful area don’t you agree?) and the West coast of Ireland. Emma had your typical childhood, spending a lot of her time climbing trees, swimming in rivers and playing with her white rabbits that she had as pets.

When Emma Rattray was just a young girl, she and her siblings had thheir own car to drive around the fields – a 1940’s Austin believe it or not. Even though they couldn’t drive it properly. Bumping, jerking and very often stalling the Austin around a nearby field. This gave a young Emma Rattray and her siblings the idea of nicknaming the 1940’s Austin – Hiccup.

Later on in her adult life Emma Rattray became a Journalist – starting out as a Secretary in the London Office for the Washington Post.

Emma Rattray though entered a writing competition with Vogue where she became a finalist. Tina Brown offered her a position as a Features Writer for the Tatler. Emma Rattray along with her Husband and Children now live in Perthshire. The Rug Bear is Emma Rattray’s first Book.

I have an interview set up with Author Emma Rattray for my new feature here on the Yorkie not just for Dads Blog – Interview Podcast Q&A. Emma Rattray will be the second guest I have had on my Interview Q&A Podcast and I will be sure to keep you up to Date with this Interview and when you can expect it on the Blog.

Where is ‘The Rug Bear’ available from.

Well you should be pleased to know that Emma Rattray’s first childrens book is available now in paperback and ebook at all good bookshops and online retailers.

Find a few links to online retailers/bookshops below where ‘The Rug Bear’ is available at.

Waterstones (paperback) – £9.99 –

Book Depository – £8.48 (currently 15% off – RRP £9.99) –

Amazon – Ebook £3.99 – Paperback £8.52 –

A very reasonably priced children’s book. I am sure you will enjoy this story just like I did with Pig and Beast.

My Daughter Pig reading The Rug Bear.
Pig has really enjoyed the story-line of The Rug Bear.

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10 Thoughts to “The Rug Bear – Emma Rattray – Children’s Book Review #Gifted”

  1. This book sounds so cute. I’m definitely buying it for my sister! Thanks so much for reviewing it.

    1. It is a very cute story. The illustrations are great for the younger ones 😊

  2. Liz

    Sounds like a lovely story for kids.🙂

    1. Its lovely. Be perfect for a nursery.

  3. Great review, sounds like a great book 😊

    1. Thanks Adam. It is great, an ideal story for the younger ones 😊.

  4. John Balsalm

    Just awful. Lacking any sense of fun or creativity. Wasn’t wild about the illustrations either, Clearly a vanity press effort.

    1. Sorry that you thought that John. It has been a regular choice from my younger 2 daughters who throughly enjoy the story and the illustrations.

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