Things every Dad should know.

Here are 12 things every Dad should know.

As men and Dads we are always trying to be the best we can be, improve where we know we are weak and playing the game of life to our strengths, sometimes we miss something, that is why I’d like to share with you 12 Things every Dad should know and possibly things new dads need to know.

A few of these will be great things when becoming a new dad, father to be or a Dad wanting to be the best Father he can be.

12 Things every Dad should know.

So as we have established we all want to improve as Dads and there are certain things Dad needs to know to not only be a successful Dad but also to be a proud Father.

Here is an image I created for this post, a dad and his son to show 12 things every dad should know.
12 things every dad should know.

1. As a Dad there will be Good days and Bad days.

We should all know by now that this parenting lark isn’t always going to be filled with days of laughter, rainbows and cuddles, nope kids love to throw us a curve ball at times and we end up having a bad day filled with attitude, back chatting and tantrums. Never fear though these days come and go and certainly are not everyday.

Try to stay calm and think of it as an off day, we all have them and can’t expect our kids to be perfect all of the time.

As parents we have both Good days and bad days, enjoy them all and is one of the 12 things every dad should know.
Enjoy the good days and the bad days. Pic source Shutterstock.

2. Time will fly by superfast when you become a father.

Some say that time flies when your having fun, well let me tell you it must go into some form of startrek like hyper drive as it seems to go even quicker when children are added into the mix.

I am so pleased for technology these days and being able to snap family shots and memories on my smartphone. Sitting down some nights after a busy day with the family and flicking through old photos and reminiscing like it was yesterday, when truth be told it was say 3 years ago.

Time seems to fly by quicker as a parent. Pic source Shutterstock.

3. Playtime with the kids is the best thing ever.

Remember the days where you would seem to play with your mum or dad for hours with a certain board game or play set? For me it was action men and playmobil, I absolutely loved it and was more fun when I played with my parents too. Dad would always help with the projects of lego building.

Well guess what, you get the chance to have those memories as a parent too, get on the floor and have some cracking fun playing with toys with the kids. Me and my daughter pig love to build towers put of blocks together or all of us enjoy a good game of uno or a board game.

Uno selfie
Game of uno with my Mouse.

4. Dads and Fathers to be seriously Nappy changes are the worst.

I think we can all agree with this one, changing nappies is one of the worst things, especially when you are a new parent. Well you will definitely be well acquainted with your child’s genital area as you will be changing a fair few nappies.

Whether or not you are using disposable nappies, cloth nappies or washable nappies it doesn’t matter because the contents are always the same. Always remember to keep to hand plenty of wipes, a spare change of clothes just incase as you never know when or if a nappy may leak or have an unexpected pee during a change. Come to that matter you may need a change of clothes too as sometimes you may well get caught in the crossfire.

Nappy cream is always a good one to have to hand too during a change, you never know when to expect the little one to get a little sore from nappy rash from time to time.

This for me for and any dad is maybe in the top 3 of things every dad should know and even some of our Nappy changing horror stories could be funny advice for new Dads that we could share.

Dads change nappies too. Pic source Shutterstock.

5. Sleepless nights and Early mornings.

Many parents will agree, coffee is your friend. It will surely be needed after those rough nights when the little one wakes you up to see every hour on the clock. Some days even after a decent sleep they will have you up at the crack of a sparrows farm – welcome to the 5am club!

Gone are the days of sleep ins and lazy snuggles with the mrs, it will be welcomed with kids using your bed as a trampoline or clambouring in with ice block feet to watch the likes of 6am Cbeebies. So for those fathers to be out there – Get those naps and sleep in now while you can!

Early mornings, sleepless nights, coffee is your friend. Pic source Unsplash.

So go ahead stick the kettle on or make sure to ready the coffee machine and set the timer so there is a fresh pot waiting for you in the morning. Make this one a priority of things every dad should know.

6. Does Mummy need help? Ask her.

One thing us Dads sometimes forget and neglect and that can be Mum. They really are wonder woman, always on top of everything. One of the things Dads need to know is to ask Mum if she needs help, or if she needs anything.

It may result in us changing a nappy but after the day your partner may have had it will be nothing at all in comparison. Offer to run her a bath or when you pop to the shop make sure to grab her some chocolate or favourite snack.

Mum will be shattered, offer to help. Pic source Shutterstock.

One thing for sure Mum will certainly appreciate even the offer of help even if she may not accept it. If you are a new or expectant dad then check this post out – Tips to help new Dads support their pregnant partner.

Supporting and helping mum for me is probably the most important out of the 12 things every dad should know. We’ve got to be there for mum don’t we fellas.

7. As a new father always make time for each other.

It can be forgotten sometimes when we become parents and that is time for each other. Some time alone and away from the hustle and bustle of the family life.

Get out for a date night, go for a nice meal, a walk just the two of you, maybe even a film at the cinema.

If you struggle for childcare for such things make sure to make that time in your routine. One night a week when the kids are in bed, make that night your night together, snuggle up with treats and a boxset on Netflix or a movie on NowTV.

Spend time together, possibly a date night just you and your partner. Pic source unsplash.

8. New Dads need to know that you should raise your child how you want to.

When we become parents or find out we are going to be parents, friends and family members will be there to offer support and helpful advice. By all means listen and take it on but don’t always follow through with it if you don’t agree.

It will be your child and you do what you think is best for your child, follow your instincts, trust me it will be there.

Raising your child how you want is one of the 12 things every dad should know.
Raise your child how you want to. Pic source Shutterstock.

9. Dads you need to know you will feel love that you never thought you ever would.

I still remember the day I found out I was going to be a Dad, the best feeling ever, the love that grows through the pregnancy and the instant feeling of love once your child is born, it is so precious.

As a father you will feel love for another person that you never thought would be imaginable but it is real and is a love that will never die or weaken it will just get stronger.

12 things every dad should know and one of them is the love you will feel for your child.
You will feel love you never thought possible. Pic source Shutterstock.

10. Remember little eyes are watching you.

Our children watch us like hawks, they watch our every step, our wins and also our fails which can be quite hilarious to remember with the kids.

In their eyes though we are superheros, we are there everything, someone who is always there to help and support them no matter how old they are.

Our children are always watching us and look to us parents as their superhero, one of my choices for 12 things every dad should know.
Our children watch everything we do. Pic source Unsplash.

11. Dads don’t be afraid to say No.

I know as Dads and parents we want nothing more than to give our children the world but sometimes even though we may not want to we have to say No.

It may upset them at the time or may even lead to some UN style negotiations and compromise but it isn’t going to do them any harm you saying No.

Don't forget Dads it is ok to say no.
Remember Dads it is ok to say no. Pic source Shutterstock.

12. All Dads need to know this. You will be the best most amazing Dad ever.

One of the most important in this 12 things every dad should know is you are the best and most amazing Dad ever! You have been chosen to be the father of your child, you are the best thing for your child. Always remember that.

Always be yourself, make memories, play and have fun, realise your mistakes and build on them to become the best Dad you know you are and can be. Your child will love you no matter what and as long as you are their Dad and work at maintaining and building your relationship with your child you will be the best damn Dad on the planet.

You will be the best Dad in the world.
Best Dad in the World. Pic Source Shutterstock.

I have mentioned before on the Yorkie not just for Dads blog about a parent community I am part of and has been such an amazing resource for help and advice, even to make great friends and that is the Dadvengers community, I highly recommend you check them out, not just for dads either but for all parents, grandparents and carers.

There we have it, from me to you. These are what I think the 12 things every Dad should know, there is more but you have to figure some of those out for yourself. Some of these would be great for fathers to be and things to know when becoming a Dad.

I’d love to hear from you Dads in the comments, let me know what the best thing about being a Dad is to you.

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  1. I miss those weekends having a sleep in! I’d give anything to have restful night and get to wake up at 8am!

    In regards to advice, there is no shortage of people willing to offer their opinion when struggling with something they are usually wrong! I remember my youngest cried every time she wasn’t being held and was told by a work colleague we were making it worse.

    As she got older she got better (regardless of how much she was held)

    Despite all the challenges I can say being a father is the best thing ever!

    Best thing is definitely having kids in your life to make you grow as a person in ways you never thought you could.

  2. Definitely shouldn’t be afraid to say no. And there sure will be hard days. Hard weeks sometimes!

    1. There definitely is hard weeks. Hope you and the family are keeping well John.

  3. Enjoyed the read and great list 👍

    1. Thank you for reading.

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  5. Great list. I definitely don’t miss nappy changes 😂

    1. 😂 I’ve got that used to them with the youngest i don’t even realise its automatic, that is unless its a massive stink 😂

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