Things I have learnt from Home Schooling.

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Here are a few things I have learnt from Home Schooling.

I have been nominated by a fellow blogger Miss Tilly and Me to share what I have learnt from Home Schooling.

For a lot of us throughout the UK and other countries at the moment we are in lockdown. We are staying home which also includes our children too. Unless they are children of Key workers then they are currently not attending school and are being taught at home. I’m sure I am not alone with saying this but while being the at home teacher there is a lot I have learnt from home Schooling. I want to share with you a few things I have learnt, maybe not learnt but maybe remembered also.

Maths and English.

These both haven’t ever been great subjects for me. I mean I didn’t do too bad in school and got a GCSE grade D in both. But like most grown ups may agree some things that you learn in school from either subject, you don’t tend to use much these days. If not at all. Well I’ve had to refresh the old memory and brush up on some things.

My 2 step daughters are only in year 2 and 3 at primary school but still they need to learn. The maths work that mouse has been getting is what has had me stumped at times. Few times I’ve had to pass her over to mum to help as I just couldn’t remember. But with mum having her own Uni work to contend with I can’t do this all the time. So on a night I’d have a quick flick through some of the work for the next day. Anything I wasn’t confident with I’d go to the trusty Google for help. Researching ways of working out certain sums or the meanings of certain things to do with English. For example Prefixes and suffixes or comprehension. Simple stuff that in fairness has just been forgotten and needs to be refreshed in the mind like an Internet browser.

Doing this research has helped not only understand their schoolwork so I can help them understand but also so I don’t seem like an idiot to them. This being one of the most important things I have learnt from home Schooling… Not to look like an idiot to the kids.

How much a good job the teachers actually do.

We all know it’s general playground natter. Sharing comments between other parents on the quality of teacher your child or children have. How competent they seem to be in their role of nurturing your child’s education. A lot of us will have said this at some point or another. I could do a better job at teaching such and such subject.

Well let me tell you I have thought this on occasion but not any more. Its difficult enough to engage my kids with their school work for 3 hours a day with breaks in between. They do it for 6 hours a day and get a damn sight more work done than we do I’m sure.

At home at the moment in lockdown we have 3 girls doing work. An 8yr old, 7yr old and a pre school 4yr old. Now to make it fair we are giving Pig items of work to do. Maybe simple things such as copying letters or colour by numbers or dot to dot. Just an attempt to prepare her with basics to start school with in September. Now my point is, it’s very difficult and stressful attempting to balance 3 with their learning. Teachers and 1 classroom assistant manage this with upto 30 children. I have no idea how they do it but I take my hat off to them. Well I would if I had one.

Coffee coffee coffee and erm coffee!!

One word explains it all… Coffee. I don’t know what sort of state I would be in through the home schooling if it wasn’t for coffee. For me I find it enjoyable and relaxing to sit with a coffee. Another thing I have learnt from home Schooling. Always have a decent stock of coffee.

One big thing I have learnt from home Schooling... Enjoy a Coffee while you have some peace and quiet.
Don’t mind me, I’m just enjoying a coffee and a slice of peace and quiet.

During the routine of learning we are in at the moment. We regularly set the girls up with a book to read, give them a few questions regarding that book. They can flick back through and re read parts of the book to help them answer the questions.

This gives a perfect oppertunity to slightly slope off into the kitchen and sit in quiet with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the small amount of peace.

Daughters likes and dislikes.

While having the girls home more through lockdown. We have spent a lot more time together. I have learnt more about my children than I already did. I’ve learnt more about the subjects they enjoy or dislike at school. It’s been a great chance to bond and get to know my children more.

Mouse for example, I’ve found that she has a great likeness for history. She enjoys learning about things from the past, from the Romans and roman empire, the vikings and the war. I’ve come to know that she hates maths.

The joys of home Schooling, a Teenage moment with her head on the table. I learnt from home schooling that mouse doesn't like maths.
Mouse using her teenage esk attitude to show her enthusiasm for times tables.

Not so much the addition and subtraction but more hates division and her times tables. I’ve found she is easier to engage with her school work with it been a subject she enjoys and more difficult and challenging with subjects such as division sums or worksheets using her multiplication tables.

These are a few more things I have learnt from home Schooling. Learning more about my children. It’s been a great gift if I was to put a spin on the whole lockdown corona virus situation.

Add a toddler into the mix.

This has been a big one. Trying to do schoolwork while there is a mad frantic toddler running around! A big one I have learnt from Home Schooling and why we have limited schoolwork to 2 or 3 hours per day. It’s nigh on impossible to get work done with the 3 girls whilst beast is around.

She’s either throwing toys at her sisters because they won’t play with her. Like an Arab thief stealing from a stall in scenes of Aladdin, she will happily grab work sheets the girls are attempting to complete. She would be too much of a distraction for the girls and they would concentrate more on Beast than they would their work.

Beast with a usual toddler whirlind aftermath, toys strewn around the room. A big distraction especially while doing school work. This is one thing I have learnt from Home Schooling.
You can’t teach or learn with this sort of distraction going on

This is why we now do school work while it is Beasts nap time. It makes it a lot easier to get on with things and for the girls to concentrate on their work better.

Not so much about education but importance of family.

This one isn’t so much in regards to education but one thing I have learnt from home Schooling is the importance of family. Without being able to see family members or the kids seeing grandparents. We have realised how important they are in day to day life. We have kept regular contact over the likes of Skype and zoom. Us adults have had weekly game nights which has been brilliant and even after lockdown I think we will continue this. The girls have had regular video chats with aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. It has got them reconnected with family members who live further away that we don’t see that often.

If anything we’ve learnt we need to make more effort with some members of family, the lockdown has given us the chance to do this. It has been a refreshing change to be in touch regularly with them and like I said above it is something that will continue after lockdown.

Oh and one more thing I have learnt during our time in lockdown. 1 tin of rice pudding does not I repeat does not go round 4 kids!! Minimum of 2 depending how hungry they are.

What are a few things that you have learnt from Home Schooling and lockdown?

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9 Thoughts to “Things I have learnt from Home Schooling.”

  1. Sounds like you’re doing an awesome job despite the hurdles at times. I’m sure your girls will appreciate all the hard work you’re putting in as well (maybe not now but when they’re older haha!)

    1. Thank you. I’m sure they will.

  2. adamjnew85

    Nice to see you enjoying your coffee 😂 I’ve found getting them to do worksheets extremely difficult for my daughter, and completely impossible for my son. So I’ve had to get inventive with the homeschooling, to make sure they are still learning.

    I think it’s safe to say most of us have a lot more respect for the job the teachers do right now.

    1. Absolutely Adam they do a great job. Some days it’s tricky with worksheets but depends on the subject. Must be tricky with their autism I’m sure.

  3. Dear Eddie,

    My hat’s off to you. You’re a courageous man. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I raised three sons and summers and holidays were always a challenge.



    1. As a Dad of girls it is strange to think how different things would be with boys. I bet you did amazing.

      1. Don’t ask them. 😉

  4. I’m totally with you on the coffee – and the toddler! Apart from I have toddler twins so it’s twice as distracting for my four year old!

    1. Oh my 1 toddler is hard enough how do you manage with 2? Coffee is the saviour of everything in life

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