Lockdown, what have you noticed.

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Lockdown – What are the Various things you have noticed during the pandemic.

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Well we are almost to the end of the extended Lockdown, almost the length of the 3 weeks that the government extended the Lockdown. Here are a few things I have noticed in Lockdown.

Lockdown scrabble letters, what have you noticed during lockdown.
What have you noticed during Lockdown.

During lockdown it is So quiet, so so quiet.

Where I live in Scarborough, North Yorkshire is close to some busy tourist attractions in the town. Usually no matter what the weather they are bustling with visitors.

Not during Lockdown, they have been so quiet. If I have popped to the shop close by for essentials, usually a sight of families and dog walkers but at the moment, nothing.

It is quite an eery sight compared to how it usually is. It is a confident sign that people are listening and respecting the rules around the Lockdown.

Community Spirit during Lockdown.

I find it amazing how our communities have come together in a time of need. Groups created on social media to help those in need.

The vulnerable or the elderly who are unable to leave their homes for essentials. The local community is clubbing together and either doing the shopping for those that are vulnerable are needing.

This is one of the major positive things I have noticed in lockdown. I just hope we can keep up this big positive of community spirit once the lockdown restrictions have been slackened.

During lockdown people shopping local and helping small businesses.

It is amazing to see that communities are taking advantage of shopping local for supplies and essentials.

One of the things I have noticed in lockdown is how local residents are helping the small businesses. This is by using their service or buying products rather than using the larger chain stores or supermarkets.

It’s like we have gone back to the days of old, themilk men for fresh milk deliveries. Green grocers for the fresh produce of fruit, vegetables and salad items. Butchers for meat produce.

It is a welcome change I’m sure and I hope it remains like this after the Lockdown period is over and we return to some form of normality.

Since before Covid19 and the Lockdown we have always used our local butcher and green grocer whenever we can.

But with the way it is easier to find a Unicorn than it is to get a home delivery from Supermarkets such as Asda, Sainsbury’s or Tesco I am not surprised people are returning to local small businesses.

General Manners during lockdown.

While this may not include everybody but a number of people. There are still some rude, arrognant and ignorant people around but for a minority of people what is happening at the moment seems to have reminded them of manners.

One of the things I have noticed in lockdown is the manners of some people with Social Distancing within your local shop.

I was grabbing some milk from the fridge when a gentleman went to do the same but noticed I was there. He appologised, moved himself to a 2m distance as advised and as i walked away to continue grabbing my essentials he said “thank you and have a nice day”.

An example of Manners, something some people hae forgotten and one of the things I have noticed during lockdown
An example of Manners, something some people hae forgotten and one of the things I have noticed during lockdown – Pic source – Childfun.com

This is something these days I haven’t experienced for a long time, usually people huffing and groaning for having to wait. It seems to be helping people to remember to be respectful and use their manners.

Essential items in your local shop/supermarket.

When this all began it was a nightmare trying to get certain essentials. Another example of the things I have noticed in lockdown is Idiotic people panic buying and bulk buying leaving the stores struggling to keep up with the demand.

It was quite anxious at the time, we are a large family. With 6 people, 4 of them children under 1 household.

We were unable to get essentials such as Nappies, Wipes, Toilet roll, even the likes of washing up liquid. My father in law managed to order us some nappies from Amazon because we were unable to get them.

Empty shelves after panic buying of Toilet roll in my local sainsbury's at the start of lockdown. What other things did you notice during Lockdown?
Empty shelves after panic buying of Toilet roll in my local sainsbury’s at the start of lockdown. What other things did you notice during Lockdown?

Pasta, it is a main family staple. Our kids love it and so do we and is a major ingredient in a majority of family meals. We couldn’t get any, we went through a phase of making our own bread because we were unable to get it off the shelves.

Thankfully the local stores and supermarkets have been working hard and now able to keep up with the demand meaning we can get the essentials we require.

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16 Thoughts to “Lockdown, what have you noticed.”

  1. Manners is one I have found! People seem to be really rude when walking around shops!x

    1. Yeah there are still some rude people but I’ve noticed alot are more polite.

  2. I love this. I too have noticed similar things. It is not quiet in my little sleepy town which is disappointing but I am overwhelmed by the community spirit, people going above and beyond for each other.

    I am amazed how well we are all observing social distancing as well, plus the fact that people all speak to each other, strangers, spreading a little happiness around. Bab is a popular pet name here in Bedworth and I get alright bab at least 5 times on our daily walk and it makes me feel so happy x

    1. That’s lovely, yes I think it’s great people are respecting the social distancing. Hope you and family are keeping well.

  3. bethanymca

    I think manners is definitely the issue. Everyone wants to be in and out of a shop asap but in doing so they undermine social distancing and become very selfish. It’s sad, but on the flipside, the community spirit where I live has been so so so lovely and I hope it continues after this!!!!

    1. The community spirit and the use of small local business is one thing I hope continues after Lockdown.

  4. a Life on a Dime

    I would love some quiet, but my kids don’t seem to let that happen! Fingers crossed the toilet paper is available in tomorrow’s grocery pickup!

    1. Peace and quiet is always a welcomed time, usually bedtimes. Our stores have been ok lately.

  5. This is so true. I live in one of the big cities in the US, with Memphis being such a southern community, we have been quite quiet, and sometimes when I was still an essential worker, it was real eerie how quiet the interstate was and how empty downtown and riverside was/is. Another thing I completely agree with is the manners, people have seemed to find them a little more, and same thing happened to me in the grocery, it’s hard to get wound up in everyday life and forget a manner or two, but I see this brought back some of them.

    1. It’s nice to hear how it is over in the US, sounds very similar to how things are over here in the UK.

  6. adamjnew85

    It must be really weird, living in a tourist destination, especially on a sunny bank holiday like today.

    I agree, my experience has been people being very well mannered and respectful. There’s always going to be those who aren’t, my partner has had a couple of run ins with people being ignorant in the supermarket, but I’ve had no issues at all.

    1. Yeah, Scarborough this time of year is usually heaving, it’s really strange to see it so quiet.

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