5 tips to help with home schooling.

Here are 5 Tips to help with Home Schooling.

So we have embarked on a New Year but on a slightly downward spiral as we end up in a third Lockdown and back to the old chestnut of Home Schooling.

I can understand that during these times it is a very anxious situation and the worry of will our children suffer from a lack of structure and education.

So once again we are in a national lockdown and return to the home schooling.
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We are far from Teachers but we have the opportunity to still help our children academically so here are 5 tips to help with Home Schooling.

Tips to help with Home Schooling

Set your child up with a learning space.

One area that I believe will help massively with Home Schooling is a space just for your child to carry out their learning.

Find somewhere with enough space for their materials and equipment. Somewhere that is away from distractions such as the TV and tablets.

Having their own space to carry out studying and school work will help to keep organised and help to build some form of routine.

Set up your child with their own learning space, even if it is the family dinner table. Pic Source Jessica Lewis Unsplash

Keep it Interesting.

For lots of children, having Mum or Dad teaching is a very exciting time. Make sure that you show an interest in their work by getting excited in what you’re teaching them.

If it is a subject that you have a certain interest in or knowledgeable of, that should help when teaching your child.

On one hand it may be a subject that you didn’t particularly have an interest in or found it difficult. Don’t let on about this as it may discourage your child from learning the subject. Our children see us as superheros and someone that can do and understand anything.

Our Children see us as superheros. So don’t let them know we struggled with a subject. Pic Source Road Trip with Raj Unsplash

Routine and Schedule.

One thing that will not only help us parents while we are Home Schooling our children but it will help them too.

Set up a schedule of what activity or subject you will do and when, some say early in the day is best when the kids are fresh and not over stimulated from other activities.

Setting the schedule from the go will help you all to get into a routine. We all know our lives function so much more smoothly with an established routine.

A clear schedule and routine will help with the Home Schooling
A clear schedule and routine will help with the Home Schooling – Pic Source Jess Bailey Unsplash

Do your Homework.

This is aimed more at Mum and Dad rather than at the children, it is one thing that I Learnt from Home Schooling during the last lockdown is to do your Homework!!

A long time has past since I was in any kind of education and many things get forgotten over the years and even down to the way things are learnt these days compared to when we absorbed the information like a sponge.

As you will be planning ahead for what your child will be learning about, you can play this to your advantage. With a brew the night before m, read through what you will be teaching your child. Brush up on the way they will work out certain sums or dust off the cobwebs of the phonics that have been pushed under the rug in your mind.

Doing this will help you to not only teach your child but to save time too rather than you having to learn on the job so to speak but it will also make you look like the smartest person on the planet to your child.

Do your homework so you can be a top teacher while home schooling your children – pic source JESHOOTS.com Unsplash

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

I know the feeling, we pile so much pressure on ourselves with expectations of things we want to achieve with our children, especially something as important as their education which we are having a rather large input with lately.

The schools are not expecting you to achieve masses amounts of work and to learn everything in a single day.

We have lives, we have other commitments, some of us may even have younger children around too which adds a more difficult element to home schooling.

Juggling learning with the older kids and balancing a toddler or baby is hard work, make sure to make some time for yourself and fit in some self care to your routine.

You can ease this by setting manageable goals to achieve both for yourself and your children. Your child’s teacher is also their to help and support where they can, so if you have any worries, talk to them.

During this time home schooling, remember to always take care of yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself. Pic source Unsplash.

We are all in the same boat and we will all face similar struggles, good luck to you all and stay safe and I hope these tips to help with Home schooling are useful for you.

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12 Thoughts to “5 tips to help with home schooling.”

  1. Some great tips here Eddie.
    Our kids education is imperative to their future. As parents we need to ensure they’re the priority. So these tips will really help people.

    1. Thanks Damion, you are completely right, whatever we can do to help with their education at the moment should be a priority.

  2. Much needed tips! Thanks for sharing Eddie.

  3. Awesome tips! We’re really struggling with learning spaces and the boys hardly seeing each other because their lessons alternate.

    1. Its certainly a bit of a juggling act isn’t it smell. How are they finding it? Its hard them being away from friends isn’t it. Is large boy making use out of his desk?

      1. Large boy’s desk was the best buy ever, raspberry pi for xmas from my parents and we got him a webcam (!!!!!) so he can do Zoom in there too. Small boy very emotional, I think because he’s lonely – not seeing his brother because their lessons are at opposite times and then seeing his friends briefly reminding him what he’s missing. He’s sobbed twice today.

        1. Oh no bless him, its so hard for them isn’t it. Weve had a video call with mouses best friend today as she misses her.

          1. I’m organising a call for large boy and his mates today. Unfortunately, small boy’s best friend’s mum is rather cold and refused my friend request so I can’t sort the same for him.

          2. Oh no that’s such a shame, hopefully you can think of something for him.

  4. DiaryOfTheDad

    Great advice – particularly about the need to be kind to ourselves. I was guilty of putting myself under too much pressure on day one of the latest lockdown but, a few days later, have benefitted from everyone getting used to the new routine and the kids seem to be enjoying their lessons.

    1. Thanks Tom, it is easily done, glad to hear the kids are enjoying their lessons.

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