My Birthday.

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A day of celebrations for My Birthday.

4th February, just another day to most. But for this Daddy it is my Birthday.

Today is the day that this Dad was born, Yep it is my Birthday.

Turning the ripe old age of 34. To some birthdays are joyous occasions, some celebrated with extravagent parties and vast celebrations. I usually look forward to my birthday with a child like excitement.

These days though it’s slightly the opposite. As I closer loom to the inevitable big 4 0. The realisation that I’m almost half way there is some what depressing.

Looking back at past milestones of life otherwise known as Birthdays.

Reflecting over the last X amount of years. Looking back on things as if you had been presented your own big red book from ‘This Is Your Life’. It gets you down a bit. I feel especially this year as if I don’t want a birthday at all.

This last 12 months I feel like I have been failing at life with all that has happened in the last 10 – 12 months. But when you sit and think about it and take a look at the things I have accomplished and tackled. The experiences I have had with my new journey in life. It brings a big smile and a sence of self pride. Also excitement of what else I will get to enjoy.

My Princess tribe and Birthdays.

My daughters are excited that it’s my birthday which is a big lift. A surprise present from the other half and the mother in law was amazing. Due to our circumstances at the moment alot financially is just for living day to day and the kids, so to recieve something I’ve wanted to treat myself with for a while was amazing. A peacefull day with Sarah at home and just the little beasty. The older girls have been at school and pre school and then a trip out for tea with Grandma and Grandpa. So a very peaceful day indeed which included a cracking Birthday steak.

A surprise gift chosen by my eldest Step Daughter Maisy, so thoughtful bless her. A nice Guardian Angel pendant that has my birthday on it – the 4th of February. A beautiful thought and gesture, even if it is intended for the female kind. She said that I could wear it on my Man chain. But I think I will cherish it in some other way and hang it or keep safe at the side of my bed to watch over me as I rest.

Who actually enjoys their Birthday’s? Anyone else compare theirs to when they were a Child?

As for my Birthday I shall take the day for what it is and accept the fact that I’m another year older but none the wiser. Enjoy what the next year of life has to offer me. Remenisce on previous years, the birthday outings with my Fiance Sarah, the family time spent. The homemade pictures and crafts tha the girls had made for me. The sentimental specialness of love shown by your children.

Rather than looking back on the negatives of my life upto press but look towards the future and now the present of what amazing positives I have – An amazing partner who is my best friend, my rock in everything, which I hope this year is the year I get to make her my Wife. My children, words cannot describe the pride and love I have for this crazy bunch. I’m excited about what kind of memories we shall make together and what adventures life will take us on.

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