Top Tips to support new and expectant mums

How to support new mums during lockdown 2.0 

England once again is currently under a second lockdown, we have seen this old chestnut before haven’t we. Leading breastfeeding brand, Lansinoh, have been encouraging family and friends to reach out and support new and expectant mums.

New and Expectant Mums’ Mental Health.

This advice follows on from a study during the first national lockdown AKA – Lockdown 1.0 – back in March, which found that new and expectant mums’ mental health was impacted by reduced social interactions.

In June 2020, Lansinoh conducted a survey which found that the first UK lockdown led to increased levels of anxiety and loneliness, showing how there is a lack of support new and expectant mums receive.

The results of the survey showed that new and expectant mums’ mental health issues were triggered due to not being able to spend this special time socialising with friends or family.

70% of those surveyed reported increased anxiety levels, whilst 60% reported increased levels of loneliness. What’s more is that 12% claimed they hadn’t left their home at all during lockdown 1.0, with 26% of those surveyed only leaving their home once a week.

Meanwhile during research uncovered by Lansinoh, they have found that one in five new mums will experience a mental health issue during the fourth trimester, yet a whopping 85% of mums believe that society does not understand or support mothers enough.

Support new and expectant mums

Speaking of her personal experience, Molly Chadwick, a new mum from Bradford who gave birth in May during Lockdown 1.0, explains:

“I’ve found becoming a new mum a little bit strange. I was fully prepared to have a magical maternity leave – spending time with friends, going to baby and me clubs, meeting new mummies and enjoying every moment I had with my little girl. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case.

“I also feel for my little girl, who hasn’t met many of her family members or my friends and has only seen masked faces when out in public.”

New Mum – Molly Chadwick

New Mum Molly Chadwick also had the following to say:

“Although it’s not been perfect, I have made the most of what we have been able to do, such as going for distanced walks with friends, Face Timing loved ones, and joining new mum groups on Facebook – these things have definitely helped make things seem more normal. I find positivity is the way forward!” 

New Mum – Molly Chadwick

To help support new and expectant mums during the second national lockdown – AKA Lockdown 2. – Lansinoh, along with midwife and antenatal educator, Marley Hall, are encouraging family and friends support new and expectant mums in any way they can.

Marley’s top tips include:

  1. Offer to help with practical tasks

Even during lockdown, there are a number of practical things that can really help new mums, such as providing meals, or offering to do a food shop and dropping it off on the doorstep.

Women need that mental space to be able to have those self-care moments, which is really important, and having support from family and friends to allow them to do that, is really valuable.

  1. Arrange a socially distanced meet-up in a park or a virtual call

Loneliness was one of the biggest effects of the first lockdown on new mums. However, the current lockdown restrictions still allow you to visit outdoor public places with one person from another household (this does not include children under five). This can be a great way to provide support for your loved one, and prevent feelings of loneliness during this monumental time in their life. Or, if you’re not quite ready to meet in public, then why not opt for a zoom call.

  1. Provide emotional support

As well as practical support, it’s important for new and expectant mums to know that they have the emotional support of their family and friends if it’s needed. Whether it’s through arranging regular virtual meet-ups, or just being at the end of the phone during a midnight feed, these small gestures can make a huge difference. It’s all about checking-in with the new mum – sometimes all they want is to have an adult conversation!

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About Midwife Marley Hall

This is midwife Marley Hall. Sharing her tips and advice on how to Support new and expectant mums.
Midwife Marley Hall

Marley Hall is a registered midwife and an antenatal educator, with 11 years of experience in all aspects of midwifery. Based in Surrey, Marley’s Instagram account @midwifemarley provides support, inspiration and evidence-based information to over 55,000 women worldwide.

Marley Hall has also offered some amazing advice to support new and expectant mums with Breastfeeding tips while out and about which you can read more about Here.

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