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Tyre safety month 2020

October 2020 Tyre Safety Month – Keep your Car In Tip-Top Condition.

So it is October already, the month where the colder weather is on its way, cosy nights in with blankets, hot toddys and a night of movies on some streaming service such as Netflix, Prime or NowTV. The last thing you want is to be Worrying about your the Tyres on your Car. October being Tyre Safety Month is always a good time to get your Car or Vehicles Tyres Checked to make sure they are Safe and ready for the Winter months ahead.

Nobody wants to be caught short in the cold on the hard shoulder at the side of the road due to a Poor Tyre which could be avoided with regular Tyre Safety Checks. I think Covid has shafted us enough lately.

Tyre Safety Month – Why Check the Safety of your Vehicles Tyres.

Well this is one of those common sense moments that many would think that in their case they will be ok or ‘Be Reet’. When in fact they could face Safety issues come the frosty morning commutes to a workplace or while on the school run.

The Tyres of your vehicle are your main and only contact with the road you are travelling on. No matter what speed, what conditions, if your Tyres aren’t up to a UK Safety Standard – Check this page on Kwik-Fit to check UK Tyre law. Your Tyres could in-fact Illegal!! You could not only be putting your own safety at risk but other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians around you.

This is an image of a mechanic changing a tyre - tyre safety month.

Tyre Safety Month – 3 Common Causes of Tyre Failure.

Here we take a look at Three of the Most Common Causes of tyre Failure for Tyre Safety Month.

  1. Rapid/Irregular Wear due to Mechanical Issues – Worn/Tired suspension parts or Poor Wheel Allignment is a reason why you may find your Tyres are Worn Unevenly.

    The tyre will be worn more on one side, or in one particular area of the tyre, but can be fine and have plenty of tread left on the opposite side of the tyre.  Worn areas will be the weakest points of the Tyre and will be the most susceptible to flats/punctures. A tyres condition like this can also contribute to poor traction and ride quality
  2. Road Hazards – With the quality of some of the Roads here in the UK this is also a very common cause for Tyre Failure. One that can be a rather stressful one too. Potholes and other hazards in the road can cause damage to your Tyres due to the sudden impact which affects the sidewall integrity.

    Such brute force can more often than not compress the sidewall of the tyre causing it to bulge and in some cases split, causing it to rupture – this is sometimes known as a ‘Blowout’, In some cases with this form of impact the sidewall of the tyre may not rupture but it may result in an egg like bulge on the tyre wall – This means that you replace your tyre as its safety has been compromised and weakened.
  3. Under-Inflation – Here is my 3rd main cause of tyre failure – Under-inflation. Tyres that tend to be under-inflated have more flex in the sidewall. Excessive flexing causes the tyre to heat up far beyond normal temperatures that it is manufactured to operate within. This problem is upped when a motorist is driving at Motorway speeds during hot weather for long periods of time. When the tyre gets excessively hot, the rubber begins to degrade, which if driven on long enough, leads to a rupture in the sidewall of the tyre, again resulting in a Damaged tyre – not a great situation.
This is an image of an abandoned  tyre showing the poor quality of tread with regards to tyre safety- tyre safety month.

Tyre Safety Month – How can I Check my Tyres on my Vehicle are Safe?

There are 2 ways that you can check the Tyres on your Vehicle are Safe –

  1. DIY – Do-It-Yourself at home.

    One option for checking the safety of your Tyres is to regularly check them yourself, at home or like I do – Stop at the service station area of your local Supermarket. I check the Tyre Treads on my vehicle while I check the Tyre Pressures. You can also Purchase a Tyre Tread Depth Gauge (Simple to use and will give you an indication of the Tread Depth of your Vehicles Tyres) – Check this simple Tyre Depth Gauge here on Amazon – *Simple Draper Tread Depth Gauge or a *Digital Tread Depth Gauge.
  2. Local Tyre Specialist/Mechanic.

    The second Option is to visit a Local Tyre Specialist/Fitting Centre or a Reputable Mechanic Near you (I will add a link later in the Post for searching for a Reputable Mechanic). Tyre Specialists and Fitting Centres such as Kwik-Fit for example offer a FREE Tyre Safety Check. Check the quotation taken from the Kwik-Fit Free Tyre Safety Check Page of their Website.

Every one of our Kwik Fit centres nationwide offers a free no obligation tyre check which is ideal if you are worried about the condition of your tyres or if you’d like our technicians to inspect your tyres before providing advice and recommendations for the best fit replacements.

This is an image of a mechanic changing a tyre at a tyre fitting centre - tyre safety month.
Photo by Enis Yavuz on Unsplash

Simple places to Buy Tyres Online

21st Century and all that, the internet hosts a vast amount of services that you can check and buy replacement Tyres online. Check below a small list of Companies that offer Replacement Tyres Online.

Black Circles – https://www.blackcircles.com/
Kwik-Fit – https://www.kwik-fit.com/tyres
National Tyres & Autocare – https://www.national.co.uk/

As I mentioned briefly Previously if you wanted to find yourself a Local Reputable Mechanic with the Ability to check what services they offer and provide you take a look and search via The Good Garage Scheme.

I hope that some you reading may have found this Post useful.
How often do you have a Safety Check of your Tyres?
Another important Regular Vehicle Check is to Check the Vehicles Fluids – How often do you check things such as your Oil, Coolant/Anti-freeze, Screen Wash, Brake Fluid?

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