Potty Training with my Toddler – Uh Oh it begins!!

Potty Training with Beast – Uh Oh it begins!!

So the time has come, for some it may be a celebrated occasion and relished, not for me. Potty training, eek, I’m so not ready for this with Beast.

I really can’t quite believe I am actually writing this post, it only feels like a few months ago that I was writing about feeding times with a baby and the stay at home Dad life with a toddler.

Me and the crazy one that is Beast, embarking upon the potty training express.
Me and the crazy one that is Beast, embarking upon the potty training express.

You maybe wondering why I am quite apprehensive of embarking on the Potty Training journey with little Beasty. Well I may well be a Dad of 5 but this will actually be the first time I have actually ever been full on involved with Potty Training.

I remember with the girls, Sarah did all the hard work and effort whilst I was out working. I’d come home and follow her lead and go with what she had worked hard to introduce. This all went smoothly, but now the shoe is on the other foot.

Sarah did all the hard work when it came to potty training with these 3.
Sarah did all the hard work when it came to potty training with these 3.

Let the Potty Training Begin.

With Potty training there is certain signs to keep an eye out for to know your toddler is ready. Check out the infographic below to see just what they are.

A few simple tips which aim to help you with Potty Training.
A few simple tips which aim to help you with Potty Training.

Now beast is showing a few of these, especially the sense of knowing when she is having a number 1 and 2, and will openly tell you so… Like in the middle aisles of Aldi (jeez we all know how busy those particular aisles can be).

So we have the potty out throughout the day so that she can see it, and get accustomed to it. She will role play with it, sitting her Babies on it for an imaginary wee wee, poo poo and dinner – don’t ask. The introduction seems to be going well and the friendship between a toddler and her poop buddy seems to be flourishing well.

Getting acquainted with her potty in her own way.

Myself and Sarah aren’t in any rush with her to be potty trained, we are letting her do it at her own pace. So far we have had a couple of small number 1’s over the last week which is great. Plenty of positive reassurance, praise and her favourite treat chocolate and jaffa cakes – (she has great taste in the sweet department).

Do I have any advice for anyone embarking on the potty training journey?

So I want to offer a little bit of advice, now I am certainly no parenting expert in the potty department other than been fluent in potty mouth!

You as their parent (mum or dad) know your child best, during my time with Beast while being the at home dad, I can’t believe how much I have got to know of her, I mean Mummy is asking me what certain words mean!! I still remember asking Sarah the same things when Pig started chaining sentences together when she was the same age.

A 2 year old Pig and her Shetland Pony Peanut.

Anyways you know your child best, you know exactly what stage they are at with regards readiness of potty training, never mind what Karen says in her Pin on Pinterest of Fully Potty Train your 2yr old in 24hrs.

If you are quite persistent and maybe stressed at times, we know life with a toddler is seriously hard work so no judgement here, it may make them more apprehensive to the idea of potty training, making your life a little bit harder.

If they have an accident on the floor, pee or poop… not to worry its fine, just clean it up and don’t make a negative deal of it, positive reassurance that this is normal and ok but they will soon get the hang of it is the way to go.

A rather fitting Potty Training Meme – image source Meme Monkey

Make a big deal out of any little trickle or rabbit esk dropping, everything positive to help them learn this is good will help along the journey.

Each child is different, some take to it so quickly you forget you even had to do any potty training, some take a little while longer, some may even not be potty trained or toilet trained until they are maybe 3 or 4 years old.

One super tired stay at home dad.

A good old brew to keep me going.

Its not a race its a leisurely marathon. Any tips, drop them in the comments below, this tired dad may need them. Hope you are all keeping well and safe, I shall keep you posted.

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7 Thoughts to “Potty Training with my Toddler – Uh Oh it begins!!”

  1. Ah the potty training days… your absolutely right mate. It’s not a race. When their ready, they’re ready.

    My youngest used to get a little embarrassed when he needed a number 2 on the potty, so we used to just sit him on it and give him a book. It created a distraction and ‘relaxed him’, next minute the living room absolutely reeked of… well you get what I’m saying. He’d rather use the toilet so wasn’t on the potty long.

    Good luck with it mate!

    1. Bless him bud. Nothing wrong with some reading material on the throne. Its going well so far, more just getting her used to having the potty in the surroundings and knowing where it is at the moment and if she does use it, then lots of praise and reward.

  2. It’s funny how life goes full circle, and the excitement for big pants – bigger than ever before – comes back when you get older!

    I love her cute Peppa Pig potty. While I have no experience whatsoever (other than we all do as a kid who would pee anywhere and everywhere), I think you’re doing well and it’s only a matter of time before Beast (I can’t call her that 😂 I mean your darling daughter) gets the potty down to a T.

    Caz xx

    1. 🤣 course you can, she is one 🤣 a cheeky funny toddler who is relentless 🤣 easier to call her beast. She is getting there just letting her take her own time with it. She loves it too 😁 leans over to look at the picture when she’s sat on it. She fell off it doing that this morning 🤣🤣.

      Thanks Caz 😊 🙏

  3. Yeah, it’ll take as long as it takes. I remember one mum plannig to potty train her son in a weekend. Oddly it didn’t work! best of luck Eddie, it’ll be fine.

    1. No rush, she’s still only 2 1/2. Yeah there’s some that crack in a day or a weekend, no idea how, they must be older surely and definitely ready for it. Thanks John

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