Vtech Sort & Discover Activity Cube – Review.

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Today I’m going to share with you another of Beasts toys. This she got from grandparents for Christmas and is brilliant. The Vtech Sort & Discover Activity Cube.

So what is the Vtech Sort & Discover Activity Cube

This amazing product from Vtech is a great interactive learning toy ideal for babies and toddlers aged 9 – 36 months of age. It introduces 5 sides of amazing learning fun for your little ones.

They will enjoy seven fun activities and two electronic panels. The electronic panels introduce your little one to Numbers, Colours animals and more.

It is great for helping develop your child’s Hand Eye co-ordination and Fine Motor Skills.

Features of the Vtech Sort & Discover Activity Cube.

The Vtech Sort & Discover Activity Cube features as above 5 activities and 2 electronic panels.

One of them is the Beads and Gears for your child to play with, spinning and twisting to help their motor skill development.

Take a look T the Beads and Gears on the Vtech Sort & Discover Activity Cube.
The Gears and Bead feature.

Sliding monkeys and Butterflies to encourage interaction. Such fun, when beast was just 12 months she would happily sit and raise the monkey and giggle watching it slide back down again.

It includes a shape sorter with shapes. We’ve sat with Beast and gone through colours of the shapes and which shape goes in which hole. This helps with your child’s hand eye co-ordination.

The shape sorter on the Vtech Sort & Discover Activity Cube.
Spot of Shape sorting.

The turning book features and plays familiar nursery rhymes. Not only does this keep your childs interaction but also lots of fun.

The piano and turning book feature.
The piano and turning book.

The piano with various sounds and phrases helps your child to learn numbers, Colours and animals.

It features a spinner which when spun plays animal names and objects that it lands on.

The spinner feature.
The spinner. Such fun.

Dad’s verdict of the Vtech Sort & Discover Activity Cube.

I think it’s great. It keeps beast occupied, she loves the keyboard and the spinner. She has come on very well with thanks to the shape sorter. She even finds other shapes of other toys that she now knows will fit in the various shapes.

Beast having fun with the Shape sorter.
Beast having fun with the Shape sorter.

I find that it is so well built and sturdy. Many times beast in a paddy has thrown it across the room in frustration but has been cometely unscathed.

It’s a great toy for what you can do with it for the price so is very reasonable, you can find it Here.

For such a great interactive toy I’d like to give the Vtech Sort & Discover Activity Cube – 👶👶👶👶👶 5 babies out of 5.

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6 thoughts on “Vtech Sort & Discover Activity Cube – Review.

  1. It’s looks great. I understand you got this as a gift. My only point would be about reducing plastics with one way being kids toys. So either ensure to pass it on or use it with further children then pass it on 😊

    1. Grandad bought her it for Christmas. This is a great point, even down to the packaging there is a lot of unnecessary plastic. We have a local preschool that runs a playgroup, whatever toys we no longer require we donate them to the playgroup so they can get some use out of them too.

  2. Can’t grumble at that for 20 quid, looks a lot better made than the things we had for our kids.

    1. It’s really good, various activities to keep them engaged but all crucial in their own way to help with there developmental skills.

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