Ways to deal with Parental Stress.

Pulling your hair out? Here are a few ways to deal with Parental Stress.

As parents we are somewhat most of the time at the end of our tethers and whits end, parenting is stressful and we all can honestly admit we struggle with a certain degree of parental stress.

This current lockdown situation and the whole covid pandemic doesn’t make this parenting our children any easier or less stressful and one thing we don’t want to happen is our stress affecting our children. But there are ways to deal with parental stress.

Parental Stress relief this way as I will be going through a few ways that we can deal with parental stress.
For relief of Parental stress it is this way. Pic Source – Pixabay.

Ways to deal with Parental Stress.

We are all in a similar boat here with parenting. We all have our good days and our bad days, some maybe less stressful but some may just be over the cliff edge stressful where all we want to do is a quick buy it now sale of the kids on Ebay.

Here just for you are a few suggestions that may help you to deal with parental stress and enjoy calmer stress free days – maybe not stress free but a reduction of stress none the less.

The parental stress can be daily and somewhat overwhelming. This post is aimed to help reduce that stress.
Parenting = Stress Stress and more Stress – pic source Pixabay.

Try to relax and recharge.

Easier said than done finding time around the hustle and bustle of family life or family/work life. One important thing we need to do daily is take some time out for ourselves.

A good self care routine will help to reduce the daily Parental stress but also aid in maintaining a positive attitude, benefit our mental health and make this parenting role easier or more manageable.

Do something you enjoy and find relaxing, take an hour, grab your favourite book and head for a bath. Read a magazine, watch something on the TV or have some time to play a video game you enjoy.

One relaxing thing that can help majority of parents reduce parental stress is to take a nice relaxing bath and read a book.
Nice relaxing bubble bath with a book and ducky – pic source Unsplash.

Doing something relaxing and that we enjoy will help to alleviate stress, also remember to get a good night’s sleep – easier said than done when you may have a teething baby.

Connect with other parents.

Connect with other parents, possibly parents with children of a similar age to your own. Talk with one another and you will certainly find you are not the only one in this boat.

Connecting with other parents can not only help you but other parents too. You can relate with each others parental stress and help and support each other.
Connect with other parents – pic source Unsplash.

Relate to them and you can help each other with support which will in turn help to reduce parental stress.

I found the Parenting Community over on Instagram incredible, I have connected and made friends with some great parents. If you want to find me on instagram you can find me at Yorkienotjustfordads on Instagram and also on Twitter.

Try not to bring stress home.

Most of you reading this will more than likely be working parents, a hard task to juggle the work/family balance.

One thing that you must try not to do is bring the stresses of work home with you.

Work can be stressful and 9.times out of 10 we will carry this stress home with us. This adds to the parental stress which is unnecessary so the working parent must try not to bring home the stresses of work.
The stresses of work – pic source Unsplash.

Here is a short list of ways to help destress after work:

  • Before leaving work or on the commute home, speak with a friend, work colleague or your partner to help defuse stress before you arrive home.
  • On the commute home, relax, listen to some music and try to forget the stresses of the day and look forward to the family fun when you arrive home.
  • Be aware of how you are feeling. Imagine you have a box and that the feelings that are bothering you are placed in the box ready to open when you return to work the next day so you can look forward to the home life.

Plan something fun.

Make a plan with your partner or children, something fun that you will all enjoy. Here is a list with a few suggestions.

  • Organise a family game night with board games and prizes, great fun for the whole family.
  • Family Movie night – all choose a film, stock up on the family’s favourite snacks and enjoy a peaceful night with a film.
  • Do something crafty, kids love to do crafts and for us adults obviously minus glitter (that stuff is stressful enough just to clean up) it is rather relaxing and a fun activity we can all do as a family.
  • Plan a date night. As parents time for just us can be lower down on the priority list. Make time to spend together, a romantic meal, a movie just the 2 of you. Not only does it help with the relationship and bond with your partner but will also reduce stress.
Family game nights, movie nights, date nights. These are all fun activities we can do either as a family or with our partner. Doing something fun will help to alleviate parental stress.
Do something fun – pic source Unsplash

I hope this post may be useful for you Mums and Dads out there as there is nothing worse than the stresses of parenting and parental life. Hopefully these suggestions may help you deal with Parental Stress and anxiety.

Let me know in the comments below how you deal with parental stress and what your favourite family activity is.

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8 Thoughts to “Ways to deal with Parental Stress.”

  1. Bex

    Thanks some great ideas here. I’ve got to start trying to compartmentalise work and home. As a teacher my work life finds its way into my home life all too often 🤯

    1. It must be very difficult at this moment for you. Are you still teaching in school or having to do it from home?

  2. Some good advice there Eddie. And of course during Coronatime stress levels can be even higher. Good choice of image at the top as well. I’m getting sick of people posting to social media equating home learning with hard drinking. It’s a very negative and unhelpful message to send.

    1. Thanks John, certainly is more stressful during lockdown but definitely not that bad that the bottle has to come out. Hope you and the family are well.

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