10 Ways to keep your Baby Cool this summer.

10 ways to keep your baby cool in the heat from The Sleep Nanny.

Summer has finally arrived and while a lot of us are embracing the novelty of the recent hot weather, for many new parents it adds a whole new dimension of difficulty as they struggle to keep their baby cool.

A baby in a nappy, reducing layers to help keep baby cool in the heat.
Cute baby with beautiful blue eyes on the nature background

We can all agree that trying to keep your baby cool and even toddlers for that matter is one of those challenges we always face. My youngest daughter Beast loves being outdoors, but I have found it difficult sometimes finding ways to keep her cool.

My youngest daughter Beast in the shade in our garden enjoying a Teddy bear Picnic. The shade is one way to help keep your baby cool this summer.
Beast in our garden having a Teddy Bear Picnic, kept in the shade to help keep cool.

This is why I was pretty stoked when I was recently contacted with these useful ways to keep your baby cool. They are super handy ways for parents with babies, toddlers and any younger aged children.

10 ways to keep your baby cool in the heat from Expert Lucy Shrimpton.

Lucy Shrimpton is a Parenting Expert and founder of The Sleep Nanny www.sleepnanny.co.uk.

Lucy Shrimpton has shared her top pieces of advice that are quick and easy to implement to help keep your baby cool this summer.

Tip 1 – Give them a refreshing bath.

A luke-warm or slightly cooler than normal bath will refresh your baby before bedtime and relieve any daytime clamminess. Just make sure that it’s a quick bath so they don’t get too cold.

Tip 2 – Create a breeze if you can

During the day, open all the windows on the same floor to create a natural breeze that should make the rooms cooler. If you have a loft hatch, open it so that the heat escapes through the roof, this is a simple tip to help keep your baby cool, well even your family for that matter.

Tip 3 – Use cotton bed sheets

A sleeping baby, with cotton blankets or sheets it is one way to keep your baby cool this summer.
Super comfy baby is always cute to see.

Cotton bed sheets are the best in hot weather. Avoid waterproof mattress coverings as they hold onto the heat and make your baby sweat more. (Not sure I could remove the waterproof mattress cover, my youngest currently has one as we are currently in Potty Training Mode, read more here about our Potty Training journey with Beast).

Tip 4 – Close curtains and shades

Keeping that natural sun out will help to keep your home cooler but make sure you leave enough room for the breeze from the window to come through.

Tip 5 – Get a room thermometer and dress your baby appropriately

It’s important to know just how hot the room your baby is sleeping in is. This will take away guesswork and give you peace of mind that you’ve dressed your baby in the right kit.

If the room is very hot, for example over 25 degrees like it has been the past few nights, dress your baby in just a nappy and a thin cotton vest. If the room’s between 20 and 23 degrees, a shortie baby grow or shorts and t-shirt pyjama set will be fine, with just socks and a nappy and a one-tog sleep sack.

If your baby is too young for any kind of bedding and it’s too hot for a sleep sack, simply dress them in suitable clothing for the room temperature so that no covering is required.

Remember to set them up for the whole night, not just the evening. The temperature will drop over night so be prepared. Check on their temperature regularly so you know they’re not getting too cold if you’ve let them sleep in just their nappy

Tip 6 – Invest in a decent fan

Babies generally like the gentle rhythmic noise of a fan – as well as the cooling air it gives out so make sure your baby has a fan pointed at them. A good idea is to place a large bowl of ice or some frozen water bottles in front of it to cool the air that circulates around the room. Just make sure that the air you’re circulating isn’t too cold!

Tip 7 – Keep baby as calm as possible

A baby chilling in an inflatable ring in a paddling pool, definitely a great way to keep your baby cool in the heat.
Nothing looks more calm than this – Pic credit Valerie Soncol | Unsplash.com

An irritable baby is more likely to get hot and clammy so try to keep your baby as calm and relaxed as possible. Create a reassuring bedtime routine that is just like any other night-time. If you sense they are getting upset by the heat, a cool flannel or a cold compress dabbed gently on your baby may help to cool and calm them.

Tip 8 – Keep your baby hydrated

Keep your child hydrated – Image credit Lubomirkin Unsplash

Your baby may need to drink more than usual so make sure you’ve got a steady supply of cold water in the fridge ready. Breastfed babies will stay hydrated on breastmilk so just make sure that mum is also keeping plenty hydrated too.

Tip 9 – Consider moving rooms

If the room that your baby sleeps in is in a particularly hot part of the home, consider moving them to a cooler room to help them sleep. That’s the same for older children who might be struggling – they will see it as an adventure!

Tip 10 – Check their temperature

Check their Temperature – Pic Credit Kristin Wook Unsplash

The best way to check your baby’s temperature is to feel the back of their neck or use a thermometer. A baby’s hands and feet do tend to get colder so this is much more accurate.

Massive thank you to Lisa Shrimpton for Sharing these super tips to help keep your baby cool this summer. If you have any other tips that would help parents out there that may be reading this post to keep your baby cool then drop them in a comment below.

Check out Lisa Shrimpton over at The Sleep Nanny to find out more.

Here is an image of Lucy Shrimpton. Lucy is the founder of The Sleep Nanny.
Lucy Shrimpton, founder of The Sleep Nanny

The Sleep Nanny is the founder of a new, award-winning online sleep programme called Dream Maker, aimed at new parents struggling to help their children sleep through the night – www.sleepnanny.co.uk/dream-maker/. This isn’t the first tips and advice we have had from Lucy here on the blog, check out her tips for dealing with Bedtimes and the Clock Change with our kids.

The program doesn’t take a one size fits all approach, using knowledge garnered from parents, the Dream Maker will give families a bespoke course to suit them and their child’s needs.

Neatly packaged in an online portal, it is full of expert guidance and support, sleep diagnostics and sleep training. It focuses on overcoming challenges, night weaning, nap training, and advice on staying on-track for the long-term. And, alongside the portal, clients are supported via an online private group, Q&As, as well as one-to-ones for certain packages.

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  1. a great post for these hot days 🙂

    1. Sure is buddy, hopefully these may help others to help keep their little ones cool.

  2. Love these tips! The heat is crushing and staying hydrated all around is important to maintain one’s state of mind. Cotton sheets are also so cooling. 🙂

    1. With my older daughters we have to remind them every so often to drink as they will happily become engulfed in playing outside and forget to drink. Yes cotton sheets are amazing at this time of year.

  3. Always sound advice from Lucy. Great guest post Eddie (…and Lucy!!)

    1. She always has super useful advice to offer doesn’t she John on a wide array of parenting subjects.

  4. Heidi Bruaw

    Great advice! This summer is scorching here in the northwest USA so I have been doing some of these almost every day. I don’t have a room thermometer, though, so I may have to get one. Thank you for sharing these!

    1. Happy to hear these are useful and already using these tips. Its so hard especially with younger ones to keep cool. Thank you for your comment.

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