Bah Eck it’s a Scorcher… What to eat? – Foodie Friday Week 9

What to eat

What to eat on hot days.

Ooof it’s a hot one today isn’t it? Hope you’ve all had your suncream and plenty of liquids… I won’t tell but gin is acceptable too. I don’t know about you but when it’s super hot like today I never really know what to eat for tea (for those darn South I think this would be classed as dinner for you).

I’ve struggled slightly with figuring out a post for this weeks foodie Friday (or shall I start using #foodiefriday) so I do apologise that this post is late. This is one of those types of post where it’s just slapped together, a bit of writing here and there and publish. But it did get me thinking, what to eat when it’s a Scorcher like today?

So week 9 of Foodie Friday will be a selection of go to meal types (if that’s what you can call it) to have when you don’t know what to eat when it’s a very hot day.

What to eat? Barbecue

What is the first thing that springs to mind when it’s a super hot day…. Beer, wine, gin. Well that is a given but we are talking food here not alcoholic beverages to quench the thirst. But what is the best combo that goes with beer so you can kill two birds with one stone? Barbecue.

That’s it Barbecue, we always seem to have a Bbq most commonly on a hot summers day.

Foodie Friday this week shares options of what to eat on hot days. A barbecue is a good go to on a summers day.
Get that Barbecue fired up – pic source unsplash

So what are you waiting for crack out those burgers and chicken kebabs, whip round to the local tesco express for bread rolls and sides (top up of beers may be an idea too) and get your Barbecue on.


Yeah you heard me, that well known rabbit food otherwise known as salad for a meal. I do enjoy a salad, especially on hot days like today.

It’s very refreshing and satisfying, cold and combined with some super tasty chicken or steak, maybe even some fish such as salmon you can have a thoroughly enjoyable meal.

Foodie Friday this week gives options of what to eat on hot days. Salads are one of the cooling options.
Simple salad, cool refreshing on those hot summer days – pic source unsplash

Here’s a few options for salads I’ve been looking at for inspiration as I’ve no idea what to eat today.

Here over ath BBC good food you will find 33… Yep 33 Healthy Salad recipes. I love the BBC Good food site, it is plentiful with delicious and simple recipes.

If that is too much to read why not try these 15 Healthy and Easy salads from Damn Delicious


Pasta d’italia…. Yeah I don’t know what the heck that means either. But yeah, pasta, this can be a super simple meal and just like a salad, can be quite refreshing when you don’t know what to eat when it’s a Scorcher.

I don’t know about you but I do love pasta, so do my girls, their tea tonight has been a simple cheesey pasta. So simple to make, cook pasta and just grate in some cheese cook on a medium heat stirring and let the cheesey goodness melt… BOSH!! Super simple tea for the kiddies.

Something a bit more for the grown ups why don’t you give the Healthy Lemon Pepper Chicken Tagliatelle from Pinch of Nom a whirl.

Why not try a pasta dish when you don't know what to eat, a suggestion in this week's foodie Friday.
My Lemon Pepper Chicken Tagliatelle I made thanks to a Pinch of Nom.


Take out the stress of cooking and melting anymore in the heat of cooking in the kitchen, slap on just eat or uber Eats, ring your local go to takeaway and order your favourite.

Chinese, Indian, pizza, kebab or a burger. That choice is yours. I get that feeling sometimes, when you’ve had a busy day with the family, it’s been a red hot day. You tired, your hot and grumpy (possibly hangry too) and just simply cannot be arsed to cook.

Ordering a takeaway is a straight outright must if you can’t be bothered cooking and struggling with what to eat when it’s been a busy hot day.

A takeaway is always a good go to when you don't know what to eat isn't it? Here's another suggestion in this week's foodie Friday.
Select a takeaway and chow down – pic source unsplash

Pub or Restaurant

Well I do apologise, it may be tricky doing this one at the moment with lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures but some pubs and restaurants have begun to open up their doors once again.

Treat your loving other to a meal out, gives you more options too over a takeaway of what to eat. Plus you get to enjoy a good ole cold pint or a gin and tonic with ice and a slice.

I have seen recently a lot on social media, especially Instagram about a scheme running named Eat out to Help out. This scheme is only for participating establishments but runs from August 3rd to the 31st August. Monday to Wednesday you can get 50‰ off your meal. Epic right…. Gents date night winner here if you plan it right on one of those days. Read more about the Eat out to Help out scheme over at the Government Website.

Eating out at a pub or restaurant gives a variety over going to the takeaway when you don't know what to eat.
Enjoy a meal cooked for you at a pub or restaurant – pic source unsplash

Foodie Friday week 9

Thank you for reading my half arsed attempt for a Foodie Friday post, hopefully normality for foodie Friday will be resumed next week.

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