AD|What’s Going On? – Childrens book review.

AD | I recently received this Children’s Book to review. Written by three Mothers, Donna Claire, Tamar Henry and Eleni Davis. What’s Going On? (asked Belinda Fitz-John) Is a children’s story written to help explain the current circumstances of the Covid19 pandemic and the lockdown we are currently experiencing.

What’s Going On (Asked Belinda Fitz-John)

The front cover image shwing the illustrated character of Belinda Fitz-John for the book. Whats Going On?
Whats Going On (Asked Belinda Fitz-John) Cover

What’s Going On? is a great story following a young girl, confused about what is currently going on around us with the covid19 pandemic. Why we have to stay inside.

Belinda looks out the window, she cannot see her grandparents or her friends. taken from the story What's Going On?
Belinda looking out of the Window

As you can see from the image above taken from What’s Going On? Belinda looks out of her window and cannot see her grandparents or her friends at the park. Something my children have also asked. Why the man she can see wears a mask. This is because of Social-Isolation to protect the nation and keep us all safe.

The story includes inviting illustrations along with friendly rhyming, easy for young children to understand. I must have read this story with pig my 4yr old daughter at least a dozen times. Each time a question she had about the virus has been answered and she is happy. Pig has found this story especially useful with how she relates to Belinda’s character and not being able to attend nursery or see her friends and family.

My daughter pig asking a similar question to Belinda in the story What's Going On?
Pig asking similar quiestion of why we cannot see certain family members or friends.

This story has emphasised the importance of taking care of ourselves. The washing of our hands and making sure that hygeine is important, for example coughing and sneezing into our elbow.

My older daughters Mouse and Titch are at an age where they understand better than Pig and Beast. Thanks to Whats Going On? they understand the virus better and why we must be in lockdown.

Understanding the circumstances a bit better thanks to the story What's Going On?
Reading the story What’s Going On?

Where can I Find ‘Whats Going On? (Asked Belinda Fitz-John)

Whats Going On is available for download, a very reasonable price too. You can download HERE.

You can also find Belinda Fitz-John on Twitter Here.

6 thoughts on “AD|What’s Going On? – Childrens book review.

  1. Thanks for the review. It sounds like it would help children understand.

  2. A few of this kind of book coming out at the moment. What I like about this one are the illustrations. Clearly a lot of thought has been put in to them. great review Eddie.

    1. Thanks John, yeah it was a good story, the girls liked it because of the illustrations I think they seemed to keep there eye and interest.

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