Why is it Children always end up with anything and everything Strewn all over the place??

As the title suggests, in a nutshell why do children always seem to end up with everything strewn all over the place. Even in places that you cannot see!

They go to their bedroom/lounge/playroom to play, out into the garden or even just getting a snack from the kitchen. They seem to have this magnificent skill of leaving a room like a whirlwind has hit it.

I wrote a post and had the opportunity to share it as a guest post on another Blog. My post was to be featured in Counting to Ten Big Parenting questions series.

My first ever guest post Written.

Well the time came in my blogging journey and I wrote a post for another blogger. This was my first ever guest post, I sure hope it won’t be the last.

You can find the post here at Counting To Ten Blog, Why do Children Leave Everything Everywhere.

Counting to Ten blog was the first blogger I had written a guest post for. Why do children leave everything everywhere.
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