Why is it Children always end up with anything and everything Strewn all over the place??

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Children and the accompanying mess.

This is a post that is not for my Blog here at Yorkie… Not Just For Dad’s. As the title suggests, in a nutshell why do children always seem to end up with everything strewn all over the place. The mess that seems to follow them like the trail of destruction of a whirlwind or Tornado. The mess and destruction that follows in your children’s wake even ends up in places that you cannot see! Under sofa’s, down the sides and backs of sofa cushions, somehow even in the shoe cupboard.

How is it children can make so much mess!

You know the sort of scenario we are going to paint in this picture. Your children go to their bedroom/lounge/playroom to play, out into the garden or even just getting a snack from the kitchen. They seem to have this magnificent skill of leaving a room like a whirlwind has hit it, well I know my children do anyway.

I wrote a post like I mentioned previously, this post in fact, I had the opportunity to write it share it as a guest post with the readers of another fellow Parenting Blog. My post was to be featured in Counting to Ten Big Parenting questions series.

My first ever guest post Written.

Well the time came in my blogging journey and I wrote a post for another parenting blogger. This has been my first ever guest post that I have written. One thing I know is I sure hope it won’t be the last, as I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for my blog. If I can share that enjoyment with a post or article for another blog for them and their readers and followers I would be thoroughly happy.

You can find the post that I wrote here at Counting To Ten Blog, Why do Children Leave Everything Everywhere.

Counting to Ten blog was the first blogger I had written a guest post for. Why do children leave everything everywhere.
Counting to Ten Parenting Blog

Counting to Ten Blog is a blog full of great Parenting posts and articles, some helpful and interesting reviews. The lifestyle from a Mummy Blogger’s perspective. I highly recommend you give her blog a look and follow.

Head over and check out my guest post and also other posts on Counting To Ten Blog. Find below related posts with children and parenting of mine from my own blog below.



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